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Tim Devane’s Next Chapter

Lee Hower
September 22, 2017 · < 1  min.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a bit over two years since Tim Devane joined us as a Principal at NextView.  Tim joined our investment team as the first non-founder, and also as the first NextView team member based in our New York office.  It’s not easy to pave a path with no one before you, but Tim has done just that and done it admirably.

Thanks in large part to Tim, the NextView family today includes exceptional founders of companies like Dia & Co, Timber, The Outline, and Parsec.  He’s been a champion and supporter of NextView’s portfolio broadly, a thoughtful voice in our investment team discussions, and a driving force in the continued growth of our presence in New York.  We’ve enjoyed watching Tim come into his own as a VC investor at NextView.

So it’s bittersweet for us to share the news that Tim will be moving on from NextView in order to take an exciting next step in his career.  I’ll leave it to him to talk in more detail about his plans when the time is right.  Tim will continue to be actively involved in the New York tech ecosystem and while we will miss working with him day to day as a colleague, he will always be a valuable friend to NextView.  As those who know him are aware, Tim is an exemplary human – driven, scrappy, smart, humble, and caring.  We wish him the very best on the path ahead.

Lee Hower
Lee is a co-founder and Partner at NextView Ventures. He has spent his entire career as an entrepreneur and investor in early-stage software and internet startups.