Our Investment in The Outline

Our Investment in The Outline

“Sometimes, there’s a man, well, he’s the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that’s the Dude…”  – The Stranger, The Big Lebowski

Today we announced our investment in The Outline, a new digital media company founded by CEO Josh Topolsky.  The company plans to launch publicly later this year, but Josh talks about his vision for The Outline in this WSJ article.

We like to back authentic founders here at NextView… entrepreneurs who have experience and unique perspective on the market they’re trying to transform.  My colleague Tim Devane was the first one on our team to build a relationship with Josh, and Josh certainly fits this mold.  The internet is about 20 years old but most digital media companies simply replicate the model of legacy print media businesses only without the printing press.  Josh penned a widely read manifesto earlier this year that laid out the challenges with this approach and foreshadowed his thinking on the model for The Outline.

We’re excited to be in business with Josh and his founding team, as well as a great group of co-investors with experience in digital media.  And as consumers, we can’t wait to experience The Outline… if you’re interested the waitlist is here.

Lee Hower

I’m an investor, entrepreneur, and helper of technology startups. I’m currently a General Partner of NextView Ventures, which focuses on seed stage internet-enabled businesses. I co-founded NextView in 2010 with my partners Rob Go and David Beisel. I started in the VC business as a Principal at Point Judith Capital, an early-stage firm. I joined PJC in 2005 and served as a Principal at the firm through early 2010. During this time I co-led investments in FanIQ, Sittercity, and Multiply and sourced investments in Music Nation and NABsys. Prior to becoming a VC, I was a startup guy myself. I was part of the founding team of LinkedIn, and served as Director of Corporate Development from the company’s inception through our early growth phases. Before that I was an early employee at PayPal, and worked in product management and corporate development roles through the company’s IPO in 2002 and subsequent sale to eBay later that year. I went to college at UPenn and received degrees from both the School of Engineering and Wharton School of Business.

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